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8-Time International Trading Champion

Chuck Hughes recently won his 8th International Trading Championship, nearly doubling the annual performance of his closest competitor!

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About Trade Like Chuck

Produce Effective Results

Investing in the stock market can be one of the most lucrative investment strategies. Trade Like Chuck will teach you how to select and manage trades so you can get highly effective results as you invest in the market without it consuming your life.

Transform Your Financial Future

Gain financial freedom and have peace of mind. With Trade Like Chuck, you have the tools, resources and direction to transform your financial future.

Crash Proof Your Portfolio

It’s not a matter IF the market will crash again but WHEN. Implementing Chuck’s trading strategies can effectively protect you from market losses.

Create Cashflow Without Selling Your Stocks

Learn how you can create a weekly paycheck by leveraging stocks you already own.

Enjoy Flexibility & Versatility

You can take control of your financial future in as little as 15 minutes a day. Chuck’s strategies allow you to spend more time doing what you love and trade on your own schedule from anywhere.

About Chuck Hughes

After graduating college and joining the U.S. Air Force, Chuck Hughes landed his dream job as a pilot for a major airline. As his family began to grow and expenses accumulated, he worried about building a secure retirement and long-term wealth.
Chuck was drawn to trading stocks as a way to provide financial peace of mind. In 1985, he started trading with $4,600 and within the first two years, he made over $460,000 in the market. The amazing thing is these results weren’t just beginners luck or because the market was doing something crazy those two years. It was because of how Chuck trades, and from that day forward he’s never had a losing year!
With over 33 years of trading experience, eight International Trading Championship titles and 20 consecutive years with triple digit returns (some as high as 339%), Chuck Hughes is arguably one of the best traders on the planet. Now he’s sharing his trading methods with you.

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